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Uma marca que nasce sendo o que é, que valoriza o detalhe e sabe que apenas nele pode ser encontrada a verdadeira sofisticação.

Daniela Salles

Of French, Uruguayan and Italian origin, Daniela Aslan M. Salles grew up in Mexico, Switzerland and Uruguay, before settling in Brazil with her family as a teenager. Once married, she will add seven years in New York and, most recently, a year in Paris to her nomadic journey. She currently lives in São Paulo with her husband and four children.

A mechanical engineer by training, with a master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University in New York, Daniela will start her professional life in the automobile industry, move on to the financial sector in the USA, and then dedicate herself, for a few years, to her children. Passionate about art since she was a little girl, Daniela finds in jewelry design a way to bridge her academic background, her professional experience and her various personal interests, which she will not fail to explore over the years, at each stage of her life.

Daniela is inspired not only by the visual arts, but also by architecture and, above all, by its multicultural diversity. In his creations, geometric shapes are found, sometimes even sculptural, maintaining an elegant and timeless simplicity.